Thank you UWC Community at Dover

by Neha Patel, PACE Chair

To the UWC Community at Dover,

You amaze me. The depths of your compassion and generosity, year over year, seem to know no limits. In another record-breaking year – you donated nearly $70,000 in one night to support secondary education at CSB – the bulk of which was given in the pledge round (nearly $50,000). Together with ticket sales – we have already raised $100,000 and we have one more fundraising evening ahead next week at East Campus.

Thank you for helping us take this huge stride forward on our journey with CSB. We are truly humbled by your unwavering support and your commitment to creating better futures with more options for the children of CSB. Your donation will play a pivotal role in providing educational opportunities for Rohingya refugee youth, empowering them to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Thank you for living your best UWC lives and supporting PACE.

Thank you for bringing your spirit, your generosity and your tolerance of my off-key singing to our event on Saturday. Every dollar you have contributed will be utilized efficiently and effectively to support the secondary education needs of Rohingya refugees in Malaysia. We will keep you updated on the progress of our initiatives and the impact your donation is making.

Yours In Service,