• Refugee Education


Empowering young refugees to realise their dreams.

PACE Refugee Education is facilitating a transformative educational experience for young refugees, primarily Rohingya, in Malaysia. In collaboration with Cahaya Surya Bakti (CSB), a Malaysian NGO operating 7 schools for refugees in Johor, PACE is giving young refugees access to a quality secondary education that not only imparts knowledge but also instils confidence, resilience, and a sense of purpose. More importantly, it offers them a pathway to a tertiary education in another country which could earn them a passport and much valued independence.

PACE funds support:

  • 25 CSB students in the IGCSE program
  • Math & Science teacher salaries 
  • Teaching materials, computers, science equipment, and books 
  • Secondary School student transportation, rent, and exam fees 
  • Re-settling expenses for CSB graduates attending university

In addition to fundraising, our community is supporting CSB in many ways including parent service trips and family volunteering days, peer-to-peer mentoring programs and teacher coaching and capacity building.

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The PACE Refugee Education initiative is truly harnessing the formidable power of UWCSEA. The depth of engagement, the level of activity and the impact achieved are unprecedented in PACE’s 23-year history. More than 250 parents, teachers, staff and students have already contributed time, money, equipment or expertise – sometimes all four – in a united effort to make quality education a reality for CSB’s secondary students.

Read our 2023 Impact Report to learn more.

The creation of the CSB Science Laboratory is a potent example of what we can achieve when we bring the full force of UWCSEA to a challenge. With funding and coordination from PACE, 150+ hours of planning and coaching by the Dover Science Team and manpower from a volunteer group of students, teachers, staff and parents, we literally carried the equipment and expertise from Singapore to Malaysia and built a science lab in a day. To top it off High School Science teachers Rachel Ingram and Peter Hammond gave a few impromptu lessons to demonstrate the value of this incredible new facility.

CSB Math and Science Teachers: 300+ Science Classes 400+ Math Classes 50+ Science experiments PACE Funds $24,000


Walk Through WWII Battlegrounds at Bukit Brown

30 November 2022
08:30 am - 11:30 am
The Battle of Singapore was fought from 8-15 February 1942. Though short, it was a week of intense fighting before the British surrendered Singapore to the Japanese forces. Meandering through Bukit Brown, an expansive beautiful park rich in heritage, join us on a guided walk that will take you back to one of the most turbulent times in Singapore! We are deeply honoured and thankful to Claire Leow, for guiding us and sharing her valuable knowledge with us on our Walk Through War Time Singapore. Clair has been a journalist for over 21 years and loves photography, community projects, travel and visiting historic sites.